Turbo Pro S-500T

The Pro S-500T TURBO™ is 2 machines in 1. Equipped with a built-in air compressor the TURBO™ can perform all the above tests on both regular cars and light trucks and with the push of a button switch to turbo mode and test single turbo, twin turbo and supercharged vehicles. Along with the fully-equipped regular accessory case we include 2 newly redesigned Bladder Blockers™.

  • Easy To Operate
  • Built In Air Compressor Making This Unit Totally Portable Whether In The Garage Or Any Place Where Needed.
  • Dual Mode
  • Turbo Mode – Tests Vehicles That Are Equipped With A Turbo Charger. Has Fixed Air Pressure Rate Of (15 PSI) To Test The Turbo
  • Charger System. When The Unit Is In Turbo Mode And Is Turned Off The Unit Will Revert Back To Car Mode.
  • Regular Car Mode – Tests All Non-Turbo Cars And Light Trucks Just Like Our Pro Series Units And Has A Fixed Air Pressure
  • Rate Of (1.5 Psi) So Not To Harm The EVAP System
  • Locates Leaks In Cars & Turbos, It’s Like Having 2 Machines In 1
  • Dual Testing Mode – Smoke Mode & Air Mode
  • Built In Vacuum & Pressure Decay Gauge
  • Built In Flow Meter – Determines The Leak Amount As Small As 0.10”
  • Runs On Ordinary Mineral Oil / Baby Oil
  • Visual Monitoring Of The Fuel Gauge (Baby Oil / Mineral Oil)
  • Locates Leaks On All Vehicles In 1 – 5 Minutes
  • On Board Micro Processor & Mother Board Computer Systems That Makes Sure That The Unit Is Running At Peak Efficiency And
  • Will Shut The Unit Down If Anything Malfunctions.
  • 5 Minute Automatic Shut Down
  • Unit Weight 18 Lbs. / 8Kg
  • Length: 10.5” / 26.67Cm
  • Width: 9” / 22.86Cm
  • Height: 11.5” / 29.21Cm
  • Uses 12 Volt Dc That Clamps Onto The Car’s Battery
  • Air / Smoke Hose
  • Using Your Automotive Scanner Tool To Determine What Is Wrong With The Vehicle / Turbo Charger. Then Using The Smoke Monster Turbo Is The Best Way To Locate The Leaks Fast And Saves You Time & Money.